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Who are we: The Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation (IPSF), a non-profit organization, is home to 850 primates of 20 different species. IPSF is a refuge for primates rescued/retired from biomedical research and those seized from petting zoos and the exotic pet trade here in Israel.

IPSF provides primates with psychological rehabilitation through an enriched environment, physical rehabilitation, and excellent veterinary care. IPSF also has a leading role in generating standards and laws regarding primate welfare in Israel. It has implemented and carried out birth control projects in all petting zoos in Israel which house primates, and has successfully worked to drastically reduce the illegal trade of primates in Israel.


חינוךהעמותה פועלת כמרכז הדרכה וחינוך לכבוד לטבע בכלל ולקופים בפרט

כל ההכנסות "מרכז ההצלה והחינוך" מושקעות בקופים ובפרויקטים הנלווים המתוארים לעי"ל. פעילות מרכז ההצלה והחינוך נתמכת על ידי המשרד לאיכות הסביבה – אגף הגנה על בעלי חיים


We have rescued and rehabilitated thousends of monkeys over the years, and given them a second chance to live as monkeys amongst monkeys.


סיפורי הצלה



Every visit of yours to the Primate Sanctuary is a donation that helps save monkeys.


Your donation will help us keep the only primate sanctuary in the middle east running!

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